Improving the life of the women and so improving the quality of life of the whole family 
Christian Aid often supports projects to help improve the life of the women in the rural villages. They feel that by improving the life of the women, the life of the whole family improves. Here are three examples: 
Digging a well near the village
As we have already seen, women may spend a lot of time each day carrying water to the village from a well far away. This is very tiring work. 

Sometimes villagers ask Christian Aid for money to dig a well near the village. The hole has to be dug very deep to reach an underground stream. Christian Aid will give the money to pay for the materials needed and also for the expert help and equipment which is sometimes needed.  It is then the villagers themselves who actually dig the well. 

Having a well near the village saves the women hours of tiring work each day. They now have time to do other things.