How does Christian Aid help to improve the quality of life of people in rural Senegal?

Villagers in Senegal showing their plans to people from Christian Aid

Christian Aid works with the people in the villages. It is the villagers themselves who know what they need to improve their lives. They get together and draw up plans of practical ways to improve their lives.

Sometimes they need money to carry out the plans. If so, they contact Christian Aid and explain what they want to do and how much money they need. Christian Aid then considers the plans and whether or not they have the money to give. If they give the money it is then up to the local people to carry out the plans. 

This is the way that Christian Aid works. It is the local people who decide what they need and carry out the work. Christian Aid gives the money and then checks that it is used wisely. Note, that usually although the sums of money for which the people ask is a lot to them because they are so poor, it is often not a lot of money to us.