The people in the area need training on how to look after their environment. For example, members of the Federation committee train villagers on how to look after the tree plants, and on the importance of planting trees around the house and around fields where crops are grown.

The people and children begin to gather around for the play.

One very entertaining way to educate people is through drama. Part of the money donated by Christian Aid goes towards paying the expenses of a drama group to tour the villages. The actors are a group of young people from the villages, who write and perform the plays in their spare time. The purpose of these plays is to teach the villagers how to care for their environment. The villagers love to watch them. Although the plays have a serious message, they are very funny.

The plays take place in the open air in the village. They are performed in the evening after the day's work has been done. The pictures on the next page show a performance taking place in the village of Ndiokhoba.