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1. The Yemeni Mosque and Islamic Centre, Cardiff

2. The Minaret

3. The entrance hall shoe rack

4. The entrance hall notice board

5. Wudu Washing before praying

5a. Wudu – Washing before praying (pictures)

6. The main prayer hall

7. The Mihrab

8. The Minbar

9. The clocks

10. The carpet in the prayer hall

11. Salah organised prayer

11. Salah – organised prayer (pictures)

12. Prayer beads

13. The women's prayer room

14. Prayer Mat

15. Zakah boxes

16. Qur'an

17. The mosque as a place of study

18. Decoration in the mosque

a. Verses from the Qur'an in Arabic

b. Pictures of famous mosques

c. Geometrical patterns

19. The community centre
Places of Worship in Wales
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